Our goal is to help Christian schools flourish in their own unique way (and do all we can to make that happen).

Six leaders. Endless ideas.

Every team member at NextEd brings a different perspective to education and entry point into the field. We’ve developed an incredible working chemistry only time can build. Why does that matter? Because well-rounded ideas matter.

Why we exist

The world needs exceptional Christian schools because it needs well-educated, biblically anchored and morally clear young people grounded in the Truth.

The church of tomorrow is under construction, and it’s sitting in our K-12 classrooms. Who will prepare these young people for this great calling, both spiritually and intellectually?

We believe no institution is more able to create this treasured human resource than a flourishing Christian school.

But it doesn’t stop there. We must expand our vision to meet the world, because Christ-centered education is not just for the few, but the many. All deserve a seat at the banquet table.

Our difference

With our collective experience and our knowledge of great partnership opportunities, we craft specialized solutions for your school.


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It is critical to amplify, accelerate and perpetuate school improvement, efficiently delivering services at a low cost.‍

NextEd provides innovative solutions to ease the strain of running a business, so schools can spend more time educating.

Many schools operate in silos without knowledge of the broader education world or have little knowledge of partners who can help them stay up to date.

Each of the NextEd team members have extensive networks that provide access to quality existing support partners.‍

The power of two

This concept of “chemistry” is not idle talk, but real value tailored to a need. Every client is given a specific combination of two leaders to run point. 6 leaders. 15 combinations.

Find the need

We ask great questions to uncover the full picture of what’s needed.

Pick the duo

Two leaders are chosen with the client in mind, to spur ideas, and cover blindspots.

Hit the mark

Solutions are presented which give the client actionable and clear next steps.

Look ahead

Consulting doesn’t stop at delivery. NextEd helps clients prepare for secondary effects.

Magic bullets

While we don’t believe in quick-fix solutions, the outcome of NextEd’s work can feel like magic for your school.

Our solutions help Christian school leaders and administrators

Take the first step toward your next step, today!

Whatever you need, NextEd can find a way foward for you. It all starts with a conversation about you and the exciting opportunity (or pain point) you face.