Finding the leader to lead the “King”

King's Ridge Christian School
Alpharetta, Georgia

Project Summary

King’s Ridge Christian School engaged NextEd with the hope of landing the right Head of School for the next generation of kids. They wanted a leader with not only experience, but someone who would grow the students in a nurturing way.

While it was expected that many candidates would come from the world of faith-based or independent schools, they welcomed “nontraditional candidates” into their recruitment process.

Two years in the making

The team identified their need for a strategic plan early on—completing the process two years before their search.

Skilled communicator wanted

The board sought candidates who “place a premium” on relationship building. Their very first requirement? Interpersonal skills.

Not just alpha. Alpha-retta.

The profile developed included details on their hometown, drawing qualified candidates based on a quality of life.

Opportunity profile

NextEd helped King’s Ridge develop a full opportunity profile including school programs, statistics, local information, responsibilities, mission/vision, and much more.


Feedback from the Client